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Day 59: Freedom

Happy Sunday and Day 59 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y'all! First things first: guys, today was gorgeous. For the first time since... November? Maybe late October, the thermometer broke 60 today, and even though it was windy, partly cloudy, and super muddy (thanks to the 12 inches of snow from last week that are still trying to melt), it was beautiful. And, in true Midwesterner fashion, I took advantage of this warm day - complete with playing with some of my favorite little people after church, washing my car, going for a run, opening up the house, and even drying (or attempting to) my clothes on the line.   (Woah. You'd think after living in the south for a couple of years that I wouldn't consider 60 warm... oh well!)   Which... is probably why it's after 8p and I'm just now getting around to blogging. In any case... This weekend, it particularly struck me how much I really do love weekends. Not because they're necessarily super relaxing, but more because t

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